Jette Bastian

Jette Bastian was born in Copenhagen, was educated at the Danish School of Design in Kolding and worked for a while as commercial artist at an advertising agency before she launched a freelance career as an illustrator.

Jette Bastian has boldly explored the scope of her creative possibilities. She has been a powerful source for creating unique and surprising results in book illustration, photography, text writing, animation and theater and has been appreciated for her work through various recognitions given to productions that she has either initiated and / or participated in.

As an illustrator she uses electronic tools to the same extent as pen and paper. The volume of the graphic expressions vary in equal measure. 


A large amount of customers have had ‚Äč‚Äčillustrations made for programs

posters and e-learning. Including DE, Danish Estate Agents Cooperation.

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Jette Bastian is a member of:

The Danish Authers Association

WIFT, Women in Film and Television

3Dk - The Association of Danish Dance Companies

Design and Illustration

Bastian Design is an independent creative agency in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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  • The design is always in focus. There can be no question of mass-produced solutions. Each design should be unique and targeted to the product's primary audience.
  • We place great emphasis on creating synergy between the company and the layout that presents it.

  • We will among other things focus on the clear connection between your marketing and your product.
  • Users of the media need to get an experience that causes them to take action. It is therefore important to develop your image and design so precisely that it captures your audience.