Illustration & layout:

•Freelance illustrator and designer since 1972 and up to date

•Various bookillustrations and layout The Publisher FREMAD, The Publisher TIDERNE SKIFTER, The Publisher HØST & SØN, The Publischer ALFABETA, POLITIKENs Publisher, Copenhagen 

•Graphic designer, webeditor and illustrator Fredens-Nazaret, Copenhagen 2006-2014

•Various web-designs including www.nordiclightart,,, 2000-2014

•Graphic design, photo and illustration for the theater magazine BACKSTAGE, Copenhagen 1987-2000

•Design and layout of the magazine TRANSIT - chosen among ”The Book Work of the Year” and exhibited in The Museum of Arts and Industry (: The Designmuseum), Copenhagen 1988

•Various recordcovers and weekly magazine at  AMAR RECORDS, Copenhagen 1980-82

•Recordcover and instick THE VIRGIN ANE BAND, LP ”THE BLOODSUCKERS”, Copenhagen 1981

•Travelling exhibition BIKUBEN, Denmark 1978-80

•Exhibition of tusch illustrations at THE ARTSMUSEUM OF SOUTHERN JUDLAND, Toender DK 1978

•Recordcover and instick SHIT & CHANEL, LP ”No. 5” and ”Tak for sidst”, Aarhus DK 1977-78

Music, text & theater

•Vairous articles in the theater magazine THEATER 1, The Theater Magazine SPEKTAKEL, and the Odin Theater's OPEN PAGE, 1997-2007

•Codirector, light –and sounddesigner in cooperation with Pol Pelletier in the performancese “Une Contrée Sauvage Apellée Courage” and ”La Robe Blanche” Bretagne and Paris France and Montreal & Quebec City, Canada 2005-13

•Translation from English to Danish, photo and layout in "WHAT IS ZAZEN" by the  Japanese zenmaster Shodo Harada Roshi, Copenhagen 2006

•Various lectures including:

  1. "Sound and Light Seminar”, “Nordic School of Butoh”, Copenhagen 2006
  2. “The Illusionen as Expresion”, ”Center for Creativity and Dance”, Copenhagen 2004
  3. “Lecture on Fusing the Media of art and Nature”, symposium “WATER SPACE” Ekeby Qvarn Art Space, Eventa 4, Ulva Qvarn, Uppsala, Sweden 1997

•Dramaturg in the performance”ATOMIC” with and by Susana Åkerlund SUEN, Malmoe Sweden 2000

•Chief editor of the theater magazine BACKSTAGE, Copenhagen 1997-2000

•Artistic Director, stage directing and stage design in theater association ART ATTACK in cooperation with Kitt Johnson in the performances ”STIGMA”, ”SKYGGEFANG”, ”EPI PHA NIC 1-7”, and artistic consultant in ”KA GU LA”, ”TRANSFORM”, ”IMMEMORIAL” 1996-1999

•Consultant in cooperation with Anita Saij, Dance Lab in the performance ”OPERATION: ORPHEUS” by Kirsten Delholm, and consulant and lightdesigner in the performance ”MEDEA 1’STE VERSION” by Anita Saij, Copenhagen 1990-93

•Choreographic consultant in "STEELWATER" by the group DID THEY COME FROM BEHIND, The Canonhall Copenhagen  1991

•Medinstruktør og lysdesigner "WOMB OF THE OCEAN" /  "ONE EYE" / ”SOVRANA” med Anita Saij, Tokyo Japan og Seoul Sydkorea 1986-87

•Dancer in the proces-performance by Anita Saij, THE TUKAK THEATER, Fjaltring 1986

•Textwriter, stagedirector and lightdesigner in ”Lolita and the 7 herrings”, Festival of Fools, Copenhagen 1983

•Songwriter, THE VIRGIN ANE BAND, LP/ MC “BLOODSUCKERS”, Copenhagen 1981

•Stagedesign THE VIRGIN ANE THEATER, Copenhagen 1979


•Patent no. BA2004 00110, 20040514 ”BOOKKEEPER” for people with crippled hand and arm, Copenhagen 2004

•Animator and trickfotographer TEGNEDRENGENE, JANNIK HASTRUP, STILETTO FILM ”Samson & Sally”, ”The Tale of the Wonderful Potato”, ”Do Something Smart”, ”Boredom”, ”Sex – an educational film for the young” 1986-88